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Meet the owner behind the lens....

Boudoir sessions are very intimate in nature because let's face it, I am photographing you in next to nothing most of the time! So I find it's best that my clients get to know me before hopping in front of my camera!

So here I am ladies, I'm Valerie Spegal, your expert boudoir photographer!

I totally can't believe that I'll be 39 this year and enjoying the last moments of my Thirties! Before starting my own business, I was a very independent career woman running Hospital Admitting Departments. Far different than what I do now right? I owned my own home and worked my ass off to get to where I was in life before I was 30. Then, I met my now amazing husband. He was stationed in Tucson with the Air Force and we are an eHarmony success story as I like to say! 🤣 He has provided for us and given us such an amazing life and experiences we have seen throughout the years. He just retired after 22 years of service and I couldn't be more grateful. After numerous deployments we endured as a family it was a nice change to have him moved to a more "civilian" career! This year is our 8th wedding anniversary but we have been together for 10 years. We have 2 beautiful little girls ages 6 and 2. We moved from our final base in South Carolina to Kingman, Arizona this summer and we love being closer to family. I was born and raised in Lake Havasu so I am now only and hour away from my home town and so grateful to have the support of my family behind me.

I have always had a love of photography and even learned how to develop my own film back in the days where dark rooms were a thing. Now everything is digitalized and my "negatives" so to speak are the digital files. I didn't get my first DSLR camera until after I was married and my husband received orders to Italy. I NEEDED an amazing camera to capture our time in Europe and self taught myself how to use it. Of course with buildings and landscape views as Europe has to offer my love of photography grew even more.

But how did I get into Boudoir? Well....As most every woman, I had challenges with my weight and my body image. Especially after having kids at what they consider a "geriatric" time of my life for pregnancy, my body just did not bounce back like I would have liked. So I had a very negative look about my body image for a little while. I even went through post partum depression with both of my girls and I struggle with anxiety as well. But after seeking some help for these factors and speaking to someone, I truly found a new perspective about who I am and what I can offer.

Boudoir sort of fell in my lap when a friend of mine mentioned it to me. I researched it and said THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO PROVIDE WOMEN. I want EVERY woman who walks into my home studio to walk out saying "I can't believe I just did that and I wish I had done it sooner!" I want them to boast confidence and feel empowered by showing them how I view them through my camera. I was determined to provide the BEST customer experience that no other photographer was providing. There are MANY "boudoir photographers" out there. Most of them do it on the side and mixed in with family or wedding photography so they don't have the time to spend with their clients as I do. I pride myself in my education for boudoir. I attend workshops to learn how to pose EVERY BODY TYPE so that no matter what your shape or size I have the ability to show you the most flattering poses of yourself. My experience is unique by far. I'm a people person and take the time to get to know you for YOU and what makes you tick and that helps me to capture the very images that will have you walking out blown away! We are a full service company where my all female team will pamper you for the day. Hair and makeup takes place right in my studio and this is where the magic happens. We get to chat and learn more about each other as we get you ready and those excited nerves start to settle and we are on our way to capturing and enhancing your TRUE BEAUTY!

We'd love to show you YOUR TRUE BEAUTY and hope you schedule a consultation call with us so we can show you what our experience offers!

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