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Boudoir Session - What to Expect...

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

All Valerie Spegal Boudoir Luxury Experiences Include:

- Pre-session consultations

- Client Prep Guide

- Styling & Wardrobe advice

- Professional Hair & Makeup services

- One-hour Photoshoot

- Expert Guided posing flow

- Professional Retouching

You really have to experience a boudoir shoot to know exactly what we are talking about when we say it is fun, exciting, empowering, and most importantly, TRANSFORMATIVE!!

Until then, though, here is what our process looks like from start to finish.

You'll schedule you're session with us after your free consultation takes place. Which will be done either in person or over the phone, completely up to your own personal schedule. Once you choose your date, you can start by picking out your favorite outfit choices to suit your comfort level. I'll collect our session retainer during the consultation to hold your date and time then, I will also email you my extensive client prep guide that details everything to be prepared for up to and during your special day. You'll sign our online booking contract, and sooner than you think you'll be in our studio for the time of your life!

When you arrive, we'll set out your outfits and go through them and decide on a hair and makeup look together with our professional hair and makeup artist!

You'll get pampered with her for about 60-90 mins and then the real work begins!! ;) I will guide you through my posing flow. That's right you don't even have to worry about how your poses look because I teach you as we go. I show you the pose first so I do them right along with you, and then I help you get into that pose yourself. I like to remind my clients to stretch a bit before, during and after because it can be a workout, haha! You may feel it the next day!

What if you want to purchase your images?

We discuss this a lot on our consultation call as well and most clients already go into a boudoir session knowing they want their images as well, right? Otherwise, why else would you do it. Well, after the shoot I send you to lunch for about 90 mins, or if you've already decided on my highest package, I may be sending you for a massage as well (what??) how much more pampered could you get on your special day! I'll cull through and edit your images and have you come back for your ordering appointment and we do everything right then and there. You get to see your gorgeous images of yourself that SAME DAY!!!

How does payment work?

Well we have a couple options for payments. I mentioned above that during your consultation appointment we go over in detail all of the packages I offer and most clients choose one during that call. We either set up a Pre-Session Payment Plan, utilize PayPal Credit options, or pay in full the day of your session/ordering appointment. I do not offer at this time any payment options after your session, so I inform my clients to schedule out in a timeframe that allows you to pay off your session based on your own financial needs. Sometimes this is even 6-8 months out. Now don't worry, if you absolutely fall in LOVE with your images (because you mostly certainly will) you can also upgrade or add on during your ordering session and just pay the remainder at that time.

Are you excited and ready to do this thing?

I'm excited to work with you!

Click HERE to fill out my contact sheet and we will get started. My response will be emailed to you within 24hrs.

To book a session I do require a $400 retainer that can be split into 2 payments if necessary, half that day and half will automatically charge your card 2 weeks later. This books my time as well as my Hair and Makeup Artist's time. Your date is NOT considered booked until I receive BOTH the full retainer AND a signed contract.

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